Debugging PHP in Vim using VimDebugger

August 5, 2010 9 Comments by Richard

Remote Debugging PHP from vim I’ve recently been using PHP a lot.  I’ve also been using VIM a lot.  So, it makes sense that I would start using the PHP remote debugger, right?  Well, the problem is (and don’t take this the wrong way), the php remote debugger plugin for vim was written in 2004, […]

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Terminal Nirvana on Snow Leopard with SIMBL + Visor

July 21, 2010 4 Comments by Ben

Note 1: The method described here should also work in Mac OS X Leopard or Tiger, just get the appropriate versions of SIMBL / Visor. Note 2: If you don’t want everything on my bullet list, just follow the steps appropriate for what you want to accomplish. Note 3: I have provided .patch files, etc. […]

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TextMate “Go to file…” in VIM

May 11, 2010 4 Comments by Richard

Ahh, the great debate; which is the best text editor of them all?  I have used many of them, but I keep falling back to what for me is the classic one: VIM. Second to VIM, however, I have always been very impressed with TextMate. There are features in TextMate that just make me happy.  […]

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