FireBreath Tips: Asynchronous Javascript Calls

December 1, 2010 8 Comments by Richard

Never block a Javascript call! One cardinal rule of browser plugins is that you should never block the thread when processing a method or property call from Javascript.  In FireBreath, that means that any method or property on your JSAPI must never block, but should return in a timely manner. The reason for this is […]

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Dynamic HTML content in iTunes LP / iTunes Extras

August 17, 2010 No Comments by Ben

Recently, I have been doing some iTunes LP projects for one of my clients. One of the things that immediately struck me as a huge potential time saver was automating the creation of HTML elements for lists of items, ie lists of song and video tracks. Often I can splice images such that their position […]

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Building a firefox plugin – part three

August 4, 2009 201 Comments by Richard

Note: For a better way to create a Browser Plugin (that will work on all browsers, not just NPAPI), check out the FireBreath project. Getting help: For a better place to ask NPAPI-related questions, go to StackOverflow and make sure to use the “npapi” and/or “firebreath” tags. Previous posts The purpose of this post is […]

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