Browser Plugins vs Extensions – the difference

August 10, 2010 35 Comments by Richard

Overloaded terms One of the least understood concepts in the Browser Plugin world is — browser plugins.  What they are, and even more: what they are not.  Probably at least once a week I answer a question somewhere on a forum or on the comments on this blog and say “You can’t do that with […]

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Firefox 3.6 has removed support for XPCOM plugins!

January 29, 2010 24 Comments by Richard

Most who are deep in the plugin world already know this, but I will repeat it quickly for those who only dabble: Firefox 3.6 has removed support for XPCOM plugins. This means that if you use XPCOM for your javascript interface (i.e. you have an IDL file on your npapi plugin, you us nsScriptablePeer, etc) […]

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Cross-Browser Scripting – Part one

December 27, 2009 2 Comments by Richard

The Problem: I’ll be up-front about something here; I don’t particularly like ActiveX.  I understand a lot of the reasons for creating it, and I won’t go so far as to claim that it shouldn’t exist or anything like that; in fact, it does very well for certain types of things.  The main thing I […]

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Firebreath ready for testing

December 10, 2009 9 Comments by Richard

While I’m not ready to release a “beta” version of Firebreath yet, we are getting really close. In fact, it’s close enough that anyone feeling a little adventuresome shouldn’t have any trouble setting up a test plugin and testing the limits. We only support Windows so far (sorry guys, it’s the platform I know best, and it’s the one my client needed first), but we support both Internet Explorer and NPAPI (Firefox, probably Chrome and Safari as well).

A brief list of supported features:

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Call for plugin Developers

September 17, 2009 53 Comments by Richard

Call for help Update: See what is happening with FireBreath a year later I hereby issue a “Call for Plugin Developers” to the readers of the site. I know we are as of yet few, but I hope that some of you may be willing to help me. I am quickly realizing that I need a […]

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Detecting the version of an ActiveX IE Browser plugin – Part Two

January 7, 2009 No Comments by Richard

Note: if you haven’t already, please read up on FireBreath, the open source cross-platform plugin framework, and consider contributing. Update Last time, in Detecting the version of an ActiveX IE Browser plugin part one, I discussed the ToString() method of an ActiveX object, and how it is called when an ActiveX object is instantiated from […]

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Detecting the version of an ActiveX IE Browser plugin

January 6, 2009 18 Comments by Richard

One of the trickiest tasks with any browser plugin is to detect if the installed plugin is the version that you need. This is made particularly difficult because there are multiple browsers and multiple browser types. During my research I looked over the default installer that Microsoft ships with Silverlight and found a very simple solution to the Internet Explorer half of this problem.

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