Dynamic HTML content in iTunes LP / iTunes Extras

August 17, 2010 No Comments by Ben

Recently, I have been doing some iTunes LP projects for one of my clients. One of the things that immediately struck me as a huge potential time saver was automating the creation of HTML elements for lists of items, ie lists of song and video tracks. Often I can splice images such that their position […]

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Browser Plugins vs Extensions – the difference

August 10, 2010 35 Comments by Richard

Overloaded terms One of the least understood concepts in the Browser Plugin world is — browser plugins.  What they are, and even more: what they are not.  Probably at least once a week I answer a question somewhere on a forum or on the comments on this blog and say “You can’t do that with […]

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Debugging PHP in Vim using VimDebugger

August 5, 2010 9 Comments by Richard

Remote Debugging PHP from vim I’ve recently been using PHP a lot.  I’ve also been using VIM a lot.  So, it makes sense that I would start using the PHP remote debugger, right?  Well, the problem is (and don’t take this the wrong way), the php remote debugger plugin for vim was written in 2004, […]

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